ProBookers SC Ltd offers the easiest way to acquire B2B customers or increase your customer base in Finland with telemarketing. We have two different products, both fast and effective tools e.g. when you consider entering into Finnish markets.

Contact Lists

We have the best tools to find you the most suitable contacts in Finland with several parameters like location, turnover, number of employees, industry, financial result and most important, the real contact with name and mobile number.  We charge 99 euros + VAT for each list plus 1 euro per contact.


Let’s book a call and make your business run in Finland!

Booking Project

We make B2B bookings on behalf your company. Cold calls with good story are still relevant choice in Finland. We know the style how to approach Finnish customers in different industries. We charge only 99 euros + VAT for each booked meeting.

Along our booking report you will get also marketing data from those who did not want to meet you this time.


Call Project

We call and ask 5 questions from your target group. Projects can be market research, customer satisfaction inquiries, invitations to events etc.  We can call on behalf your company or on behalf of ProBookers. Call Project suits to any kind of companies, from startups to big ones. We charge only 10 euros + VAT for each concluded conversation.

We deliver full report of every call and every answer either daily or weekly.


Kari Voutila  |  Chairman of the Board, partner

Kari Voutila
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